As you will surely notice I tend to blog about gun rights more than any other issue. Guns are one of my passions and one of the most important issues of the day IMO.

I do however plan to foray into other topics so don’t worry if guns aren’t your thing.  I welcome all constructive comments and only ask that you provide a well thought out argument based on actual facts if you dissent from my opinion.

If you notice any egregious spelling or grammar mistakes feel free to point them out as I like to keep my writing professional.  I’ll be up front right now and tell you that commas aren’t my friend, and I probably won’t take the time to fix any comma misuse unless it changes the meaning of what I was trying to say.  Also I have no patience for those who attack grammar when debating a point.  Attacking grammar in an effort to weaken someone’s argument is a desperate ploy and I’ll just assume that you are admitting defeat.

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